Create and manage own life stages/activities for regulations/standards.

Safety lists basic regulations/standards, life stage templates are available for some of them. life stage templates determine which life stages are available on a project/product at each hazard location. Additional life stages can be created there, independent of the template. life stages specified by templates for a regulation/standard are created for a project/product as soon as the regulation is linked at the project/product.

Own templates for life stages can be created per regulation/standard. These do not affect projects/products that are already linked to the regulation/standard. Only a de-linking and subsequent linking of the rule/standard to a project/product causes life stages to be created for this regulation/standard according to the current templates. For newly created projects/products, the life stages for this regulation/standard are created according to the current templates when linking for the first time.

Own life stage templates are preferred, if a set of own life stage templates is available for a rule/standard, only these will be applied to projects/products. The general life stage templates are therefore no longer used on these projects/products. An empty set of life stage templates can be created for a rule/norm. This causes no life stages to be created at all for the regulation on projects/products. A custom life stage template can list any set of generic life stage templates. This provides the ability to group together life stages created from generic templates. Typical life stages: assembly, transport, commissioning, operation, service, cleaning, maintenance, disassembly, disposal.

If you want to define special life stages/activities for your company for certain regulations/standards, you can do this in the software via the so-called regulation life stages. You have the possibility to define your own combined life stages for a regulation/standard, e.g.: "Maintenance, servicing" and to document them via the Description field. The life stages/activities are then automatically transferred when you apply the regulation/standard in your project/product.

General regulation life stages

If you do not specify custom regulation life stages, life stages are generated according to the general regulation life stages. The general regulation life stages can be viewed for each regulation/standard.

  1. Call up the Knowledge Centre (Link) in Safety.

  2. Select a regulation/standard/Click on the reference ID, e.g. EN ISO 12100:2010 and open the tab Regulation Life Stages. (global lifestages from directive)

Create custom regulation life stages

  1. Call up the Knowledge Centre (Link) in Safety.

  2. Select an appropriate regulation/standard/Click on the reference ID, e.g. EN 746-2:2010. (regulation/standard detail mask)

  3. This view shows that there are currently no life stage templates created. (Regulation/Norm Detail Mask Templates)

  4. click on the button Create life stage template to create. (Create Directive/Norm Detail Template) (warning) Once this step has been taken, the usual life stages for this standard are no longer created. This affects all projects/products that are subsequently linked to the regulation/standard. In the future, only life stages corresponding to the templates created here will be created.

  5. Click on the plus icon to create a new template:
    (warning) If you do not create a template, no life stages will be created to projects/products that are subsequently linked to the regulation/standard. (create template)

  6. In the details mask you can now define the name of the life stage/activity and document it further in the description field. (Create template)

  7. Click on Create and then link selected general templates. You can then create any other life stages/activities for the selected regulation/standard.

  8. If you then link the regulation/standard (e.g. EN 746-2:2010) to a project/product, the life stages are automatically applied according to the custom regulation life stages.

Overview of regulations/standards with specific life stages/activities

An overview of which standards contain specific life stages for regulations/standards can be found in the tenant settings 1. Open tenant settings (Menu tenant settings)

  1. Select tab life stage templates. Here you see the overview of regulations/norms for which there are specific life stages/activities. (Menu tenant settings)

  2. Via the three-dot menu you can open the Details (1.) or delete the existing entries for the regulation/standard (2.) (warning) Deleting your custom templates has no effect on your current projects/products. Only when the regulation/standard associated with the deleted templates is re-linked to a project/product, the general templates will be applied instead of the deleted custom templates. (Tenant settings Menu)

  3. In the detail mask the regulations/norm, life stage(s), description and, if applicable, global regulation life stages are displayed. (Tenant settings menu)