A measure template is a collection of measures. If necessary, you can select measures from this collection and create measures with the same information in selected places. Templates must be created and managed by the user.

(question) What is a measure template useful for?

(lightbulb) Action templates make it easier to prepare a risk assessment. Recurring mitigation measures or a sequence of these measures can be stored and used as needed.

(info) Example: They build machines and use electric motors to enable traversing movements. Within the risk assessment, you must always consider the residual dangers listed by the engine manufacturer, define and document hazard reduction measures. In this case, for example, the affixing of the warning label "hot surface warning" as well as the remaining residual risks, about the drafting of user information for the instructions for use, must be documented. Simply assign the prepared measure template to the danger point within the appropriate life state and assess the residual risks.

Overview and management of measure templates

An overview of all measure templates can be viewed under the menu item Measure Templates in the Templates menu in the upper menu bar.

Create measure templates

There are several ways to create action templates.

  • Choose the + button in the overview (for measure templates) and fill in the input fields.

    • Open the details view of the measure templates using the corresponding element in the list.
    • Change to the tab Measures and add measures to the template using the + button.
  • Select the corresponding button in the details view of a measure.

    • Choose whether a new measure template is created with your measure or your task is to be added to an measure task template.